Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown

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In March 1973, the original owner, Afonso Pinto de Magalhães, opened the Dom Henrique Hotel Downtown.

One of the rare independently owned hotels in the city, the Dom Henrique Hotel Downtown is a reference in 20th century hotel architecture and a landmark in Porto’s Historical Centre with its unique and distinctive silhouette.

The first large high-rise construction using reinforced concrete, the building bears the signature of the illustrious architects Pádua Ramos and Carlos Loureiro. It is an exemplary work of art that, despite its 18 floors, blends into the urban landscape due to the elegance of its structure.

Owned by the same family since it was built, it has a differentiated, autonomous management and the assurance of a strong, emotional, and constantly valued sense of identity. In this context, several renovations were undertaken with just one goal in mind: to serve our customers with superior quality.

The renovated Hotel re-opened in 2015, the result of a substantial refurbishing effort, undertaken in order to emphasize, as always, our criteria and values: to offer comfort and safety in elegantly designed areas; to provide exemplary service in both efficiency and in the attention we dedicate to each client.

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Rua do Bolhão, 223
4000-112 Porto