Collector's Hostel

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The Collector’s HOSTEL is situated in the heart of the Historic Area in Center area of Braga with a desire to provide a unique experience to it’s guests.

The Hostel has been completely restored to it’s original interior and the unique pieces that kept the character of the place blending with Braga culture.

The former “Residential Inácio Filho” known at many International Tourist guides, by its unique decoration, which is full of fine details, collections and unique pieces and Many of which relates to the Portuguese culture.

After many years closed, we installed ourselves in this place and, with this collecting inspiration, we seek to create a hostel with the comfort of modernity but with a soul full of stories.
The Collector’s Hostel is like a book of adventures in which each room tells a story… a collection, a color, a state of mind.

No two alike!

We had lots of inspiration from the “Eclectic Baroque”, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, “Nature”, “Porcelain”, “ Trip to Japan”, “A Boat Ride” to the “Portuguese Saudade” and there’s even a room for “Robinson Crusoe” after returning from his island.

The Collector’s HOSTEL has eight rooms.

On the second floor we have two dorms of four beds ensuite (private bathroom) and two dorms of four beds and sink, sharing a bathroom with 2 individual showers and a toilet.

On the third floor we reach the double dining room, the living room and the kitchen. All linked together by a cheerful balcony / terrace with a panoramic view over the Old Town and its cultural events, (the only area for the smoke lovers). On this floor, there is a double bedroom, a bathroom with shower and office / reception.

On the top floor, more unique places… a double room, single room, in attic covered in wood, and a double bedroom with a large French window overlooking the city’s rooftops and the “Bom Jesus Cathedral”, and a bathroom with shower.

Always thinking about the convenience of our guests, the dorm rooms have small customized “nightstands ” and electrical plugs on all beds, yes, even in the top bunk beds.

To save personal items, each guest will have its drawer or chest with individual key. Much more in the spirit of the Collector’s Hostel than using monotone lockers.

Details that make you feel at home in the Collector’s HOSTEL

Here we speak five languages, Portuguese, French, English, Polish, Italian and a dash of Spanish!!!

Contacts & Details

Rua Francisco Sanches, 42, 2º Andar
4700-328 Braga