Cinema Hostel & Apartments

Buildings Always Open (possibly closed due Covid-19 restrictions)

Cinema Hostel & Apartments consists of three buildings, namely the Rivoli Cinema Hostel, the Ribeira Cinema Apartments and the Porto Cinema Apartments. Located in the historic center of Porto (Avenida dos Aliados, Ribeira and Santa Catarina), they have the privilege of being surrounded by local commerce, restaurants, cafes and a huge public transport network.

Based on the cinema, the environments in the buildings are full of notes alluding to the theme, in some cases with rooms identified by name and decoration referring to a specific film, such as Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

For those staying at Ribeira Cinema Apartments or Porto Cinema Apartments, it is also allowed to access the Rivoli Cinema Hostel, where it is possible to enjoy its magnificent terrace with barbecue, an area to relax and sunbathe, kitchen and lounge area.

Contacts & Details

| Rivoli Cinema Hostel |
Rua Dr. Magalhães Lemos, 83
4000-332 Porto

| Ribeira Cinema Apartments |
Escadas dos Guindais, 6
4000-276 Porto

| Porto Cinema Apartments |
Rua de Santa Catarina, 10
4000-441 Porto